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I'm Deniz, a mom, an architect. I grown up near Mediterranean sea in a little town. Then I lived in Istanbul for 9 years while having my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Now I am married to my best friend and live in US.
I have always a great desire to create something and this quest drives me especially to learn about designing. While tracing back to my childhood experiences I realized that my playing times were all concentrated on designing such as sewing clothes for my dolls, painting and designing various gifts for my family members and friends. Those general samples are all transformed to functional objects in the following years. So this hobby, drove me to learn how to design throughout all my educational period, because I should express myself by this way.

This blog is my online journal of my life with our little one. I blog about baby development, mom and baby needs as well as documenting my own adventures with our little one.
When you decide to have a baby, the life doesn’t stay stable anymore. After you get pregnant, mom and baby needs change so quickly. We are living far away from our families. So we are putting more effort to find out what we need for every milestone. So I would like to share all of my experience with you. 

Designing, blogging, reading magazines, music, Istanbul, architectural and design books, learning new things, family, dresses, cafes, jewelries, necklaces, New York City, magazines, cats, coffee, decorating my home, singing, visiting new places, shopping, vintage clothing and home decors, dancing, sea and ocean, traveling…

E mail: deniztavli.arch@gmail.com

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I really do appreciate everyone that takes the time to visit here. I always love hearing from you and always welcome submissions of your experience or just a bit of friendly conversation!

Have an awesome wonderful day!...

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