22 Aralık 2014 Pazartesi

Baby's First Food

By about 4 months of age, our little one started showing an interest in our food. While we were eating, her eyes were always at our meals. By about 6 months of age, she was able to hold her head up by herself, so we decided to start solid foods after her 6 months old pediatrician appointment. I was excited because she is going to learn different tastes.

Until 5 months of age I was giving apple, grape and mango juices just only a few teaspoons everyday, so I knew that she is not allergic to these fruits. But these juices has just only sweet tastes, thats why I prefer to introduce her yogurt as a new taste. After introducing her yogurt and saw that she has not a yogurt allergy, I started giving her some mixtures.

There were some important points that I was following. One of them to start one new food at a time. This makes it easier to keep track of any food allergy or intolerance. So I choose to use one ingredient over the other and I use that ingredient at least 4 days before adding a new taste. And I have tried to introduce a new food in the late morning. By this way I had more time to watch out for any allergic reactions.

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